• Lead Le Roy Concept is specialized in design and manufacture of livestock equipment. It is a forerunner
    on the French market of heat exchangers for livestock buildings.
  • LLC offers a wide range of equipment designed for
    livestock buildings: feeding and watering systems (for poultry), lighting and ventilation (heat exchanger - HRV).
  • Thanks to its expertise, Lead Le Roy provides to their customers effective solutions which improved working conditions of the grower and help to respect the standards of animal welfare.

Poultry equipment

  • Lead Le Roy Concept was created by poultry's market leaders, recognized for more than 25 years in the poultry industry for their know-how and innovations.

    - Lead: the first company which introduced multidirectional drinkers in Europe

    - Le Roy: Known on the poultry market for their patented pan feeder (Multibeck, Beckée, Picorett)

  • Lead Le Roy Concept allows its customers to benefit from professionals and personalized advices in
    the choice of their equipment.

  • Located in Bretagne (France), first French poultry growing area, near to the main road Rennes-Paris, LLC benefits from easy transport accessibility.

  • Pioneer in heating, ventilating (Heat Exchanger), feeding (poultry pan feeder Multibeck) and lighting (sodium lighting Avipro) systems.

  • Lead Le Roy has already been rewarded for their patented innovations (Viv Europe, Innov-Space). The company can
    provide many references at the international level.